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They need you more than I do. Suddenly, a shrill voice cut through the bay. Dressed black on black, she had that familiar military swagger that was ingrained in any Gyron Force officer. And she stalked Bastien like she fully intended to gut him. Instead of hitting him as Jullien had expected, she gave him a kiss that really should have been reserved for the bedroom. With a stifled smile, Jullien ran his thumb over his bottom lip. Either that, or the greetings on Kirovar have vastly improved since the last time I visited. Until she kneed him in the crotch.

Hissing in pain, Bastien limped away from her, clutching at his groin. He glared at her and cursed. Unrepentant, she curled her lip. He sneered at her. And it damn sure was more than five minutes later. You were my wingman. You were supposed to be able to read my expressions and know me better than that! Bastien held his hands up. How was I to know?

Raking him with a glare, she made a sound of supreme disgust. You were always so dense!

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Bastien snorted. Especially not after this. Trust me. You want vengeance. So do we. So named for the way he always found the right tool whenever we needed to blow something up in battle. Or could repair anything mechanical or electrical that broke down. You broke up with me. How many times do I have to repeat that?

Jullien draped his arm around Ushara as they watched them leave. I thought Ember would help. He shook his head. Was rather high at the time. Jullien screwed his face up. Or his either, by the sounds of it. And if not, that was truly a crime. Surely no one had ever been born with a larger sense of entitlement or ego than the infamous Bastien Cabarro. The only thing larger than his list of paternity suits was the bill for his average dinner party. Colonel Werrin smirked. Or pain in the ass. At least for me. My least favorite pain in the ass.

She scoffed indignantly. I saved twenty-two soldiers! Anyone else would have been given a medal. In fact, it was still a daily struggle not to murder that prick where he stood. General Dayan wanted me to bust your rank down to private and make you a member of the rank-bust club along with Cabarro, who just went from major to captain two weeks ago after his last stunt—and that by order of his own uncle.

Yet another reason why she wanted to stay far away from Cabarro. Commander general of the Gyron Force she was a part of, Barnabas Cabarro was also the prime commander for the entire Kirovarian armed services. You crossed him and he could not only bust your rank, he could end your life and no one would question it.

No one questioned Barnabas Cabarro when it came to the Kirovarian military. Not even the pampered prince asshole. But that was neither here nor there. Rolling her eyes, she wanted to scream in frustration. It was mostly because of her temper that knew no boundaries and her baby sister had no morals. Never mind what Alura would do if she ever saw him. As they approached the training field, she swept her gaze over the soldiers there.

Two dozen were running maneuvers. Well, almost two dozen.

Robb Stark

That had to be Cabarro. He fit what she was expecting to a T. Tall, gorgeous, and more than aware of it. What a scabbing piece of work. She felt sick just to be this close to him, and he was across the quad.

A Decorated Veteran Murders his Girlfriend — Why?

Last thing she wanted was to be near enough to look into what would no doubt be a pair of smug aristo eyes. At first, she thought it her imagination. It hit the building to the east with such force that the percussion and aftershock knocked her from her feet. Fire and shrapnel exploded as the bomb disintegrated the north arsenal and set off every piece of ordnance kept inside its facility—causing even more damage and mayhem.

The aristos would never sully their hands with helping the wounded. Or trying to dig out survivors. Furious, she ran to the training field, where a number of their younger soldiers had been injured. As quickly as she could, she checked on them and assisted the medics.

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Until a frantic cry drew her attention toward the offices on her left that had partially collapsed during the aftershocks. Can you hear me? Her heart stopped as she realized one of her younger sisters was inside that building. A building that was about to come down completely, which would probably render a rescue impossible.

I. “So That’s Just One Of My Losses”

Then she heard the voice beneath the rubble that begged for help. One that cried out for their mother and father. Tears welled in her eyes. That Alura had betrayed her. By the time Ember reached them, she saw there were several soldiers trying to dig Alura out of the rubble. One in particular stood over the tenuous remains with a calm confidence as he secured a line to the ground. You with me?

Ember scowled as she saw what the tallest soldier there was planning to do. The captain scoffed at her concern. Been climbing and rappelling my whole life. Certified for rescue. Now, stand back. Especially not her older sister. Convinced he was going to land squarely on top of her sister and kill her, Ember bit back a scream. Terrified and shaking, and mad at herself because there was nothing more helpful she could do, Ember tried to see what he was doing, but it was extremely difficult. Instead, she heard the steady, patient tone of his voice as he explained to Alura what he was doing while teasing her with light banter in spite of the danger.

This is going to pinch a bit. Much ruder ones, too. Ever been to North Beach? Pet gopher. Whatever tickles your fancy. The anchor holding it in the ground started to come loose. Rather, he moved faster as he struggled to get himself and Alura out of the hole as quickly as possible. But with the new run headed for them, everyone was fleeing to save their own asses.

No one cared that she was in the open or that her sister and her rescuer would die if more bombs fell. As if he knew intuitively what the others were doing and that there was no additional help to be had, the captain shot out another line from his belt. Easier for you to pull free. He was right. It was much easier to lift her sister up without his extreme muscled weight added to it.

Moving as fast as she could, she got Alura out of that hole and helped her off to the side where the medics had set up a makeshift triage. Without hesitating, she started back for their rescuer. The ground shook even more than it had during the first run. Alura screamed from behind her as part of the triage came down around them. Sick to her stomach, she stared at the smoldering remains.

That last run had completely obliterated the opening. Flaming chunks of building had crashed down over it. There was no sign whatsoever of the captain.

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And hers. Offer up a prayer for his kind soul? Alura, too. How in the name of the gods could this have been his fate for such a noble and decent act? Someone coughed and wheezed behind her as if trying to clear the smoke from his lungs. At least not today. Gaping, she turned to find the captain standing behind her. Granted, he was bleeding and roughed up by the experience. But that tall, gargantuan beast was alive against all odds.

Against all belief. Pulling his helmet off to show her a bruised, yet ruggedly handsome face, he flashed a charming grin at her. Answer your damn link! To her shock, the captain in front of her tapped his ear and adjusted the piece through the blood that was oozing from his injuries before he spoke. Just lollygagging about as usual. Chasing after hot women and cold drinks. Nothing bad. Love you. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders to help him lie back, and was momentarily stunned to discover just how ripped he was beneath that suit.

His breathing ragged, he met her gaze as she worked to staunch the blood from the worst gash in his side. An involuntary gasp left her lips as they cut open his reinforced armored suit and she saw the jagged wound where shrapnel had caught him across his abdomen. More than that, he was covered in scars. He held his link out to her. I have a promise to keep. This link will get you through to me.

Bastien rolled his eyes at the group fussing around him. Would you bastards tend someone else? They scrambled away from him as if he were on fire, except for an older MT who shook his head at Bastien. Grimacing, Bastien returned it to his face. Unsure of what to think of her new wingman, Ember opened his link. Double date? Your sister and her boyfriend as chaperones? Laughing in spite of it all, Ember slid his link into her pocket and went to check on the other survivors. But as she continued to help with the rescues, her thoughts kept drifting back to Bastien Cabarro and those ruggedly sculpted, perfect male features.

Handsome beyond belief. As was his nonchalance about his injuries with his mother. She was still contemplating that thought five hours later when she finally made it to the hospital to check on Alura. Their other four sisters were already there, hovering and gossiping outside the room while their parents visited inside. Even though it was against hospital regulations, Alura waved her in so that she could take her hand. Her dark blond hair was covered with a bandage, and her face was a bit scuffed, but only Alura could look that attractive in a surgical headdress and wearing bruises.

She, alone, would be attending the funerals of seven good friends. Two of them had been school and playmates both she and Alura had known the whole of their childhoods. Ember choked as she passed an annoyed smirk to their parents. The invitation was for you and your boyfriend. It would be ready August 19 th , and then she would leave for good.

No forwarding address would be provided. I always wanted to be near her. I had so much love for Dorothy … I could not in my heart allow her to go away out of my sight with no love for me after thinking of our happy days, how much we had loved each other. So I determined to kill Dorothy as soon as possible. Bright and early, Saturday 15 th August, Dorothy was getting ready to go to a sports fixture a few miles away in the Aber district of Caerphilly.

I am not sorry that I killed Dorothy Lawrence. Throughout Sunday, Collins visited his brother in Cadoxton. Of his plans, he breathed not a word. He had it all worked out. There was nothing he could do about any of them, but in Dorothy — virtuous, delightful thing — he could get one back. He would punish Dorothy, punish her mother whom he blamed for her change of mind, and punish the bastard world. The world would, of course, extract bitter vengeance. It would kill him, but with every bright prospect removed, Collins no longer cared. Finally, it was in his power to get one back; to vandalise something so loved by the world in a way that it had never loved him, to show it what pain and loss was like.

To kill was not enough. As the sky of Monday, 17 th August brightened, John Donovan needed to be at work by , but planned to be back for breakfast. He wanted to apply for a position sorting the coal from the stones and detritus, he said. Dorothy arose to make his breakfast. Collins surely reflected that this would be the last time he would sleep in a proper bed.

William left shortly before 7. Collins rose and slipped downstairs, careful not to disturb Mrs Lawrence and Beatrice. Dorothy was setting the table. Angry demands from a quiet man not given to humour and flirting. Collins bolted the kitchen door. Collins lunged for her.

She leapt out of his way, around the table. She ran for the door and pulled back the bolt. Throwing his weight against it, slipping the bolt back, he pulled her against the table. He held a dagger to her throat and demanded sex. The knife was supposed to terrify her into submission.

Angered by her resistance, he drove the knife into her breast. Collins stabbed her again as she went down, then, pulling out the other dagger, let her have it with both, determined to hurt and hurt and hurt the world. The blood that spurted out of Dorothy was the pain of his oppressors. She reached her hand in and pulled back the bolt. For a second, she glimpsed Collins standing over Dorothy, a dripping dagger still in his bloody hands, then he dropped it and scrammed out the back. Thomas Williams, the builder next door, burst through the front door. Dorothy exhaled loudly, and died. The coroner would record that any one of nine of the ten wounds would have been fatal.

The commotion in the street clearly audible, Collins paused in the path that ran behind the houses and the railway to light a cigarette. Vengeance gave him no fulfilment. He shuffled quietly to the road bridge crossing the track onto the lane that led to Groeswen. He bandaged a cut on his finger with his handkerchief and probably tried unsuccessfully to wipe some of the blood off his hands onto the grass.

Steadying his nerves with a couple more cigarettes, just yards from the entrance to Aberfawr Terrace, he observed the comings and goings. The policemen paid his distant figure no attention as they ran up the hill in into the street. You can send for the police as soon as you want. Collins was waiting calmly, smoking another cigarette, as the policeman approached.

The news had spread quickly. Collins was placid, if sad. I had weighed it all up, and knew exactly what I would get for doing it. Of course, if she would be all right, I would go to work … I asked her if she would kiss me. She refused … It was then that I lifted up the knife to her.

Three days later, to the tune of Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah, a tune that had only been written three years earlier , the coffin, festooned with flowers, was borne through crowded streets, the blinds of almost every house drawn in the customary Welsh sign of mourning. He stared vacantly into space as all the witnesses denied knowing of any romantic involvement between Dorothy and Collins. Mrs Lawrence denied knowing they had ever been on regular walks together.

Asked to plead, Collins acknowledged his guilt. The judge commented that he could not expect mercy, and committed him to Cardiff jail. As a veteran of the South African war, he was entitled to a medal — nothing special, campaign medals were handed out to the cooks and clerks, and Collins had never bothered with it before. It now became important to him, a solitary evidence of his value. The Home Office duly sent it to him. He wore it prominently for the rest of his life. During his remand, he smoked twelve cigarettes a day, as well as a pipe. In the cells in Senghenydd, a policeman had lent him a book called Seedtime and Harvest.

His solicitor provided a photograph of Dorothy, which he was seen to kiss frequently; although, despite the prison governor saying that he had no objection, the photograph was subsequently taken away. For the first time, Collins became agitated and disturbed, and had to be placed under close supervision. He wore his medal and a new red tie for his trial on Friday 11 th December. He spoke only once, pleading not guilty in a subdued tone.

His barrister argued that his client was a homicidal maniac, exhibiting brutal and antisocial tendencies, while being obstinate and egotistical. He accepts all the conditions, crossing the Green Fork in the process. Meanwhile, his main army attacks Jaime Lannister 's forces near Riverrun , winning the Battle of the Whispering Wood and taking Jaime as a captive.

Jaime suggests they end the war now with a bout of single combat between himself and Robb, but Robb refuses and has him imprisoned. Robb laments that his diversion sent 2, men to their deaths. He gives a speech to his army and tells them that they have won a great victory, but the war is far from over. Robb is devastated by the news of his father's death.

He is found hacking his sword at a tree in anger and grief. Catelyn calls to him and tells him he is ruining his sword. Robb drops the sword and falls into her arms, vowing to kill the Lannisters who murdered his father. Catelyn comforts him and promises him revenge, but only after they rescue Sansa and Arya first, both of them unaware that Arya has evaded capture. He tells Jaime of this information, who scorns the prospect, reflecting on how convenient this word be for Stannis if it were true.

Despite his threats, he leaves Jaime alive; as the son of Tywin Lannister, there are multiple options in which to use him which would be beneficial to the Northern cause. The terms are rejected as expected. Catelyn counsels against putting trust in Balon because of Greyjoy Rebellion. She asks Robb to consider exchanging Jaime for his sisters.

Catelyn remarks on the fact that Renly has now declared himself King of the Andals , and how there is now an excess of Kings in Westeros. Robb wins a crushing victory against a Lannister reinforcement host, led by Stafford Lannister , at the Battle of Oxcross , tactfully sending Grey Wind in first to deal with the watchmen quickly.

This victory is used by the Lannisters in order to make the Northmen seem uncivilized to the south, exaggerating the use of Grey Wind in battle and portraying the Northern army as cannibals. Robb disagrees, saying they will fight honorably and follow the laws of war.

Bolton concedes that some of the Lannister officers might have useful information they could be tortured into revealing , but Robb refuses, not wanting to give the Lannisters an excuse to torture his sisters. The prisoner protests when she tells him she has to amputate in order to save his life. Robb helps hold him down as she saws off the leg. Introducing herself as Talisa, she criticizes Robb for the need for this war.

He just wants them to leave the north alone afterward. Intrigued by her, she asks where she is from. She answers Volantis. Robb attempts to compliment her, but she once again quips him on his need for revenge. Renly is killed just after agreeing to an alliance and Catelyn flees his camp to return to Robb. Renly's men swear fealty to his less agreeable brother Stannis Baratheon. She somewhat reciprocates. Catelyn returns to Robb's camp during their conversation.

She asks Talisa about her family, to which Talisa states her family name is Maegyr , which Catelyn does not recognize. Talisa then explains her Volantene origins. Catelyn warns him against pursuing Talisa, reminding of his agreement with Walder Frey. Robb wins a further victory at the Battle of the Yellow Fork. His prison cells are filled to overflowing with captives. Talisa asks him for help obtaining medical supplies and he invites her to accompany him to negotiate the surrender of the Crag , suggesting that she restock from the castle's stores.

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He is recaptured but Lord Rickard Karstark threatens to behead him to avenge Torrhen. Catelyn sends her sworn sword Brienne of Tarth to exchange Jaime for her captive daughters without consulting Robb. On their way back from the Crag, Robb and Talisa discuss Robb's engagement, making fun of the fact he knows nothing about her with the exception that she is from House Frey. Robb surmises to say that he was to win the war first, after which his first action will be killing Joffrey. They are interrupted by news that Catelyn has released Robb's key prisoner: Jaime.

Robb is furious at the betrayal and orders Catelyn kept under guard. He sends men to find Jaime and devises a plan for Roose's bastard son ; offer mercy to Theon's men if they deliver the Ironborn prince so they will abandon him, allowing him to retake Winterfell with minimal bloodshed. Talisa comforts Robb, revealing more of her past. She explains that a slave saved her brother from drowning in the Rhoyne during a wedding, after which she decided she would no longer live in a slave-city and would dedicate her time to others.

This makes Robb emotional, forcing him to admit he does not want to marry into House Frey. Talisa confesses that she feels the same, but remarks on how Robb needed to cross the Twins. They both give in to their mutual feelings and sleep together. Robb confesses his love for Talisa to Catelyn. Catelyn warns against betraying his oath to marry a daughter of House Frey. She states that she and Ned were not in love as much they were by the end, but also explains that a gradual build-up of care is safer and stronger than what Robb feels for Talisa.

Robb rejects her counsel, stating that she has no right to criticize him following her release of Jaime. In a secret ceremony conducted by a Septon of the Faith of the Seven , he and Talisa secretly marry. Karstark maintains that it will make no difference since the Lannisters now outnumber them over two to one. Robb asks if Karstark has lost faith in their cause, and Karstark says he still believes in revenge. However, he later says that he thinks Robb lost the war the day he married Talisa.

The War of the Five Kings is not going well for them, as now that the Lannisters have defeated their enemies in the south and secured King's Landing from attack, as well as a marriage-alliance with House Tyrell , they have superior numbers, wealth, and strategic position. Edmure begins to boast to his nephew about the recent victory won by Tully forces under his direct command at the Battle of Stone Mill , which managed to push the Lannister army under Ser Gregor Clegane from the Riverlands.

Instead, Robb and Brynden are furious with Edmure: their grand strategy for the war was to lure Tywin and Gregor's Lannister armies into the Westerlands , where they would be vulnerable out of position, and more importantly, to leave the capital city vulnerable to attack by the Baratheons. Edmure's role in this was to offer token defense as a feint to lure the Lannisters back across the Red Fork of the Trident. Instead, by successfully attacking the Lannisters at Stone Mill, Edmure kept them penned in the Riverlands, and thus close enough to King's Landing that Tywin was able to rush to the defense of the city at the Battle of the Blackwater.

The Starks' strategic position in the war has been ruined. Edmure insists that they took valuable captives in the battle, Willem and Martyn Lannister , but Robb angrily points out that he didn't stop fighting because his sisters are held captive. Considering that Tywin didn't stop to negotiate when his own eldest son was captured, taking his younger nephews hostage will have no impact on the war. Edmure tries to at least point out that they lost only two hundred men at Stone Mill and multiple Lannister soldiers died for every man they lost, at which Robb cuts him off and shouts that they need men more than the Lannisters do.

At this point, the Lannisters are in such a good strategic position that they can afford to be patient, and grind down Robb's forces through simple attrition. The prisoners Martyn and Willem Lannister squires fifteen and fourteen years old, respectively awake to hear shouting and fighting outside the door to their cell. Lord Rickard Karstark fights his way into the room with some of his own men. Confused, Willem asks if this is a rescue, and is promptly killed by the Karstark men. Martyn shouts that he is just a squire and didn't do anything, but Lord Rickard ignores his pleas and stabs him in the belly with a dagger, killing him.

The bloody corpses of the two Lannister prisoners are laid out on the floor in front of Robb in Riverrun's main meeting room. Robb is disgusted, remarking that Karstark needed five men to brutally murder two unarmed squires in their own prison cell. Karstark insists that it was a father's vengeance. Robb points out that these boys had nothing to do with the death of Karstark's sons, who were both killed by Jaime Lannister. Rickard explains that he was denied his vengeance when Catelyn set Jaime free in hopes of a prisoner exchange for her daughters in King's Landing.

Rickard decides to enact vengeance by killing Jaime's kin who they held prisoner. Karstark stands firm and says the only treason is in letting their enemies go when in war, they should be killing them - if Robb's father ever taught him that. Blackfish punches Karstark over this remark, but Robb tells him to leave Karstark alone. Karstark has utterly lost faith in Robb and says that the King in the North will just give him a scolding, though he should probably call him "the King Who Lost the North" after he allowed Winterfell to fall.

Robb orders all of Karstark's men hanged, and to hang the lookout last so he can watch the others die. Rickard Karstark himself is sent to the dungeons. Edmure insists that if word of this leaves Riverrun, Tywin Lannister will exact heavy reprisals for the deaths of his young nephews. Therefore, he suggests that they just quietly bury the boys and simply keep silent about their deaths until the war is over.

Robb, however, refuses to be a liar: he says he cannot fight a war in the name of justice if he will not serve justice to murderers within his own ranks. All of Robb's advisors tell him this is a bad idea. Catelyn and Talisa warn him that the Karstark soldiers will abandon his cause and return home if he executes their lord, and they are already badly outnumbered. Catelyn says they should keep Lord Rickard hostage, and Edmure agrees, saying that they can just keep him hostage and tell the other Karstarks that no harm will come to him so long as they remain loyal.

Robb ignores their pleas, and he has Lord Karstark brought out to the courtyard of Riverrun to be executed during a driving rainstorm. Karstark points out that not only are both of their Houses descended from the First Men , but the Starks and Karstarks are kin as House Karstark is a cadet branch of House Stark , founded centuries ago by younger son Karlon Stark. Robb says that their blood relationship did not stop Rickard from betraying him and won't stop Robb from executing him now, but Rickard says it isn't meant to: he wants it to haunt Robb until the day he dies.

With his last words, Lord Rickard says that Robb will be cursed as a kinslayer and that Robb is no king of his. Obedient to the laws of his father - that the man who passes the sentence must swing the sword - Robb pronounces the sentence of death and personally beheads Lord Rickard. Robb's strict adherence to justice makes things turn out just as badly as his advisors said they would: the Karstarks withdraw their soldiers from his army and march for home, resulting in Robb losing almost half of his forces which were stationed at Riverrun.

Robb openly admits to Talisa that she was right, and he made a mistake. Robb says Tywin Lannister realizes that he's in such a strong position he doesn't even need to attack the Northerners anymore, he just needs to wait, and let their demoralized forces unravel. When the war began Robb's army was unified around a central purpose, but now they have lost momentum, and his generals are acting like bickering children.

Talisa suggests that he try to take the fight to the Lannisters if they won't come to him, but he explains that this is hopeless. Taking the city would have been difficult to begin with, but now Tywin and the bulk of the main Lannister army, as well as a large Tyrell army, are defending the city.

Attacking the capital head-on would be suicide, and Tywin would crush them within a day. Talisa suggests that he lead his army back to the North to repulse the Greyjoys from his homeland and rebuild his power base. Robb points out that as soon as all of his tired soldiers are back home, they won't want to leave again - particularly because "winter is coming", and the coming one is expected to be very long, five years or more.

The Northerners have been away from their farms fighting in the war, however, so they haven't even begun to collect harvests to set aside as winter stockpiles. Thus if Robb returns to the North, it will be difficult to rally his men to return south to defend the Riverlords who declared for him. Eyeing the map with Talisa, Robb decides that if King's Landing is too strong to attack and he can't return home, his only remaining option is to strike where his enemy is weakest. Robb decides that with the main Lannister army group under Tywin now positioned all the way to the east in King's Landing, he needs to return to the Westerlands and make an all-or-nothing assault against Casterly Rock.

This will make the Lannisters lose face, just as Robb did when he lost his home castle of Winterfell, and bring momentum back to his army. However, with the loss of the Karstark forces, they don't currently have enough men to consider attacking Casterly Rock. The only way they can gain enough soldiers to even attempt such an assault is if Robb can win back the allegiance of House Frey , whose thousands of soldiers withdrew from Robb's army when he broke his promise to make a marriage-alliance with them by marrying Talisa, a political nobody, instead of one of Lord Walder Frey 's daughters.

Thus, Robb must try to repair his alliance with House Frey. Robb and his advisors meet with "Black Walder" and Lothar Frey to discuss an alliance for his planned attack on Casterly Rock. The Freys carry Walder Frey's demands for an alliance, which includes a formal apology from Robb, the castle Harrenhal and all of its lands and incomes, and for Edmure to marry Roslin , one of his daughters.

Edmure is reluctant to marry a woman he has never met but is eventually convinced by the group to go through with the arrangement. In the Riverlands , en route to The Twins , Robb's army is forced to make camp, their progress delayed by heavy rain. Robb is pleased by the news. Meanwhile, the priestess Melisandre performs a ritual using leeches filled with fresh blood forcibly taken from Gendry , Robert Baratheon 's bastard son. At her direction, Stannis Baratheon then throws the leeches onto a fire and recites the names of three people he wants dead: "The usurper Robb Stark, the usurper Balon Greyjoy , the usurper Joffrey Baratheon.

Robb later consults with his mother about attacking Casterly Rock. Robb claims that it is a dangerous move, but if Tywin's castle is taken away from him - the lords of Westeros will realize he is not invincible.

Full text of "The God of vengeance; drama in three acts"

Robb's army arrives at the Twins, the castle seat of House Frey , for his uncle Edmure's wedding. Frey accepts the apology and offers the Starks and their men his hospitality. That night Edmure is introduced to his bride Roslin Frey , discovering much to his relief that she is a beauty. The feast that follows is quite celebratory, with all the participants in high spirits. Lord Walder then calls for the bedding ceremony. Robb agrees and Roslin is carried off by the male guests and followed closely by Edmure, who is collected by the Frey women.

Talisa remarks on how strange the custom is, to which Robb says that it is the only proof of consummation. Talisa corrects him, saying that pregnancy is alternate evident. She states that she does not know the gender, but believes they should call it "Eddard" if it is a boy, pleasing Robb. Realizing they have been led into a trap, Catelyn slaps Roose across the face and screams a warning to Robb, but by then it is too late. Lord Walder signals his men to attack. Lothar draws a knife and repeatedly stabs the pregnant Talisa in the stomach, fatally wounding her and killing their unborn child.

Before he can react, Robb is shot by the musicians with crossbows several times and falls to the ground. Numerous other Stark men are killed by the assassins or Frey men. Robb crawls towards Talisa despite his injuries and manages to hold her in his arms, but he sees that she is dead. Walder refuses, dismissing his wife as replaceable. Robb drags himself back onto his feet and weakly calls out "Mother" to her in a daze.

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Catelyn, heartbroken, screams as she cuts Joyeuse's throat before her own throat is slit by Black Walder. Later on, Arya and Sandor come across a group of camping Frey soldiers, one of whom is describing the process of sewing Grey Wind's head onto Robb's body. Arya stabs the man to death while Sandor kills the rest, exacting a small vengeance for Robb.

Later on, after receiving a raven from Walder Frey with news of the massacre, Tywin summons Tyrion, who finds his father in the company of an overjoyed Joffrey, along with Cersei, Varys , and Pycelle. Tyrion reads the letter, at first not knowing what it means, but Joffrey bluntly tells him the news that Robb and his mother are dead, and asks Pycelle to write back to Lord Frey to thank him and command him to send him Robb's head, in order to serve it to Sansa at his wedding feast.

After a brief altercation between Joffrey and Tywin, the king is escorted to his chambers and Tyrion is left alone with Tywin; Tyrion then reveals his knowledge of Tywin's involvement in the massacre by promising Walder Frey and Roose Bolton protection from the Northern outrage that is soon to come. Tyrion chides his father for such a dishonorable way to end the war, but Tywin justifies this by claiming that it was to protect their family. Emotionally crushed by the deaths of Robb and Catelyn the only family she believes she had left, apart from Jon Snow , Sansa refuses to eat, despite pleas from Shae.

Tyrion tells Sansa that he didn't know Robb very well, but the brief time he met him in Winterfell was enough for him to believe that Robb was a good man. Having also learned of Robb's death, Jon Snow confides to Samwell Tarly about the last time he saw his brother, remembering their farewell in the courtyard. He confesses how he felt he lived in Robb's shadow, feeling Robb was better than him at everything when they were young but Jon couldn't hate him and they had loved one another as brothers.

Sam tells Jon he feels the same way about him. An offensive reenactment of the War of the Five Kings during Joffrey's wedding feast boasts an intentionally tasteless depiction of Robb, played by a dwarf. Despite the fact that he had previously participated in a blood ritual out of hope that it would lead to Robb's death, Stannis Baratheon remains disgusted at the manner of Robb's demise and offers to avenge him by killing Roose Bolton in an attempt to sway Jon Snow to his side. Though Sam is aware of that and apologizes for presenting Jon with such an unsavory task, he reminds him that the Watch is in dire need of men and supplies, and they cannot get them without help from the Warden of the North.

With disgust, Jon reluctantly signs the letter to the Boltons. Theon Greyjoy - clad in a tunic identical to the one Robb died in, as he watches Ramsay rape Sansa. On the night that Sansa and Ramsay wed, Theon is forced to give the bride away and watch as Ramsay proceeds to forcibly consummate their marriage.