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Farm Animals. Science Fiction. Construction Vehicles. Customers also bought. Best sellers. The Christmasaurus and the Winter Witch. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Book 1. The Smeds and the Smoos. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Book 2. Guinness World Records Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Book 3.

Where's the Unicorn? Search and Find Activity. The Wonky Donkey. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Book 4. Read Write Inc. Seuss was so legendary, he had it both ways. He wrote brilliant verse that is both completely sensible and delightfully silly. Here are just a few of the Seussian rhymes we adore. Add to Bag. Seuss penned a couplet that sums up his whole oeuvre. Proving his point. Seuss character more loveable than Horton?

Not at all—he stays on that egg no matter how many animals tease him, or how many obstacles get in his way. Look at me! Look at me NOW! It is fun to have fun But you have to know how. With his wise words, he teaches kids that there are better things to do on rainy days than stare out the window. Dance, Little Child, Dance! Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear.

Daughter of Zion, Rejoice. Puff, Puff, Puff, The Train. And Whoever Was Born in January. Good Luck and Many Blessings. What Does Santa Claus Bring? What Clothes Do Geese Wear?

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What Trees Must There Be. If I Were a Little Bird. Who Can Carry This Apple? Show Your Little Feet. Happy Birthday to You! Two Frogs Bathe in a Pond. Between Mountain and Deep Valley. Sleep, Sleep, Wish, Wish, Wish. Heal, Heal Little Gosling. I am a Little Snail. Snail Goes for a Walk Today. Snail in the House. Little Chin, Little Mouth. Our books feature songs in the original languages, with translations into English.

Many include beautiful illustrations, commentary by ordinary people, and links to recordings, videos, and sheet music. Your purchase will help us keep our site online! Visit our store. Please contribute a traditional song or rhyme from your country. Visit the Mama Lisa Book Store. Articles about the music, culture and traditions of Germany and more. Franka wrote to us to share two canons in German that she and her son love! My three-year-old son and I love to sing and your collection is such an invaluable resource.

I would like to add the German versions of [ While surfing around the internet I came across some posts about the most popular German lullabies. Some [ Robert wrote us looking for help with a German lullaby from his childhood. My Dad sang a German lullaby to me when I was little. I do not remember the whole song, and I do not know the name. I had typed it into a site […] [ Bob wrote asking for help with a German rhyme.

I sort of know some of the […] [ Jane Fuld wrote asking for help with a nursery hand game her German father played with the little kids in her family. Most of his ancestors came to the US before from near Ravensburg, Germany, [ Then you can make them with your children or students and sing the songs. Gina wrote looking for help with a hand game… My grandfather whose father was fully Italian, use to have a hand play he did with me.

I don't know the full words to it but would like to know. His mother who was fully Italian died and his father remarried a fully german lady, so [ Silent Night is one of the most beloved Christmas Carols around the world. Here you can listen to a touching rendition in both German and English. Below you can listen to a recording while reading along with the German text, followed by an English translation. A, a, a, der Winter, der ist da. A, a, a, Winter is Here Vowel Song. A, B, C, die Katze lief im Schnee. Abendsegen Evening Prayer Traditional Song. Alle Jahre wieder. Every Year Christmas Carol.

Alle Leut' geh'n jetzt nach Haus'. Alle meine Entchen. All My Ducklings Circle Game. An meiner Ziege hab ich Freude. Auf der Mauer, auf der Lauer. Auf unsrer Wiese gehet was…. Children's Song. Backe, backe Kuchen. Der Fuchs geht um. Der Goldvogel. The Gold-bird Nursery Rhyme. Der Hahn ist tot. The Rooster Is Dead Round. Der Mond ist aufgegangen Evening Song Lullaby.

Der Sandmann ist da.

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The Sandman is Here Lullaby. Die Affen rasen durch den Wald. Dies Ist der Daumen. This Is the Thumb Finger Play. Sleeping Beauty Children's Song. Drei Chinesen mit dem Kontrabass. Eia, popeia, was raschelt im Stroh?

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Ein Elefant ging ohne Hetz. Ein Schneider fing 'ne Maus. Eins, zwei, drei, im Wasser schwimmt ein Hai. Counting-out Rhyme.

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  6. Eins, zwei, Polizei, drei, vier, Offizier. Ein Vogel wollte Hochzeit machen. Ene mene miste Eeny meeny miney mo Counting-out Rhyme. Es ist ein Ros entsprungen. Es regnet, wenn es regnen will. Es schneit! The Songs are Sounding Round. Fingerspiel von der Familie.

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    Finger Play of the Family Finger Play. Fuchs, du hast die Gans gestohlen. Guten Abend, gute Nacht. Good Evening, Good Night Lullaby. Guten Morgen ruft die Sonne. Guter Mond, du gehst so stille. Washing Hands Children's Song. Little Johnny Children's Song. Hansel and Gretel Children's Song. Little Rabbit in Your Burrow Lullaby. Little Rose on the Moor Traditional Song.