Judaism and Imperial Ideology in Late Antiquity

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Introduction: Late Antique Conceptions of Late Antiquity

Institutional Login. LOG IN. Journal of Late Antiquity. In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: Reviewed by:. The rise of Christianity in Iran depended on the Zoroastrian theory and practice of hierarchical, differentiated inclusion, according to which Christians, Jews, and others occupied legitimate places in Iranian political culture in positions subordinate to the imperial religion.

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In placing the social history of East Syrian Christians at the center of the Iranian imperial story, A State of Mixture helps explain the endurance of a culturally diverse empire across four centuries. Richard E. Books Digital Products Journals.

Unlike most earlier Jewish literature, some Byzantine Jewish texts imagine the office of the Messiah in a very similar way. It is for that reason that in Jewish liturgical poetry one finds a rather consistent application of biblical verses originally intended to describe the universal rule of God to the universal rule of the Davidic Messiah. In this framework Sivertsev offers a fascinating discussion of the mirror-like semblance of imperial churches and imperial palaces.

Judaism and Imperial Ideology in Late Antiquity

The book concludes with a bibliography and a meager index of subjects. The author has provided us with a rich study of both early Byzantine imperial culture and early medieval Jewish messianism and eschatology. He is well at home in both fields and that combination yields fascinating cross-cultural insights.

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  3. Imperial Ideology: The Idea of the Universal Christian Empire in Late Antiquity.
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  5. Even though some of his conclusions are bound to remain somewhat in the realm of speculation, the overall argumentative force of the book is impressive. The author might have taken more into account that not every classical philologist or Byzantologist is at home in Jewish literature. Terms like piyyut liturgical poetry and names such as Kebra Nagast are not familiar to everyone outside that field.

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