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Do you love the convenience of shopping from home? Then why not install the PAYBACK toolbar straight away and benefit from its practical collection alarm, which always lets you know when there are valuable points to collect. Cookies are used to personalise and improve your website experience. By continuing to use this website you accept our Cookie Policy. Finance Minister's reported statement," Mallya said.

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Mallya had previously taken to Twitter to draw parallels between his situation and that of Siddhartha, who had purportedly written a suicide note that pointed to harassment by the Income Tax Department before his body was found near a river on the outskirts of Mangalore. See what they are doing to me despite offer of full repayment. Vicious and unrelenting," Mallya said last week. Mallya remains on bail pending his UK High Court appeal, now scheduled for February , in the extradition proceedings brought by India in relation to charges of fraud and money laundering amounting to an alleged Rs 9, crores.

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Through our database, we keep customising strategies that depend on campaign objectives. But why would any company join this programme? Brands offer membership along with points that are generally given as part of every shopping from time to time. Its retention strategy is focused on targeting customers who do not come back to the merchant in the same frequency as was expected.

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It then starts communicating to customers, offering them special offers or bonus. Khandelwal said retention and frequency both are very category-driven.

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The company uses analytical tools to check whether these programmes are giving any incremental value to customers. Most of the people think it is all about points. But behind the scenes, it is about understanding the customers better. At different times of the year, there are different activities in the market.

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It is data and past trends that help us analyse what to expect from which segment and consumer sets. Khandelwal said the company operated on hardcore data and analytics. And it helps brands create winning strategy, or correcting those strategies mid-term. He further said these programmes give brands reach and conversion, which they are using as part of their marketing strategies.