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You can buy […]. See what I did there? Owls are intriguing creatures that easily capture the interest and attention of everyone, including kids and non-birders. Today, you will learn 15 facts about owls that will make your head spin! Blue Jays are one of the most recognizable birds in North America! But guess what? There is a lot more to know about Blue Jays than blue feathers and a boisterous personality!

Today, you are going to learn 15 fun facts about Blue Jays!

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So you want to start feeding birds? Feeding wild birds is one of the MOST rewarding activities you can do in your backyard. Not only is the hobby beneficial for birds, but it provides many benefits for humans! So you are looking for plants that attract butterflies?

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Well, you are not alone! Butterfly gardening — the art of planting flowers and plants to entice butterflies into your yard — is rapidly growing in popularity. Well, you have come to the right place! Today, I am going to recommend 12 drones that are fun to fly, affordable, AND include a camera. Incredibly, he was able to pick up the remote controller, turn the drone on, and fly much better than I initially could.

Talk about feeling old! Are you going on an African safari? You must be extremely excited! Preventing squirrels from climbing onto your bird feeders is the BIGGEST problem that most bird feeding hobbyists encounter in their backyard! The Northern Cardinal Cardinalis cardinalis is one of the most familiar and easily recognizable birds in North America!

Unique Gift Ideas For Backyard Bird Watchers & Lovers

Cardinals have an incredible combination of being easy to see in your backyard AND breathtaking plumage. In my opinion, the Northern Cardinal can be credited with drawing more people into the hobby of bird feeding and birding than any […]. So you want a bluebird house in your backyard? Well, you have come to the right place. In this post, I have included everything you need to know about getting started with bluebird houses: Click the hyperlinked text below to skip to that specific section!

Do you wear eyeglasses? If so, you will probably want to go to a store where you can try out binoculars before buying them.

Top 10 Best Bird Watching Cameras Reviews

You see, with glasses, your eyeballs will be further away, and you may not be able to see the full field of view. Some binoculars are designed to compensate for this. You want to buy the best you can afford, but still be able to replace them if they get lost or stolen. Also be sure you have a waterproof housing, a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer and an excellent return policy from the seller, especially if online.

For anyone still into paper guide books, but who wants something pocket-sized, anything by those authors or by associations such as the Audubon Society or National Geographic would be excellent. But for anyone who would prefer to put technology —and their smartphone or tablet—to work, the world of birding apps is growing every day.

Two available apps are digital versions of the famous paper field guides, with extra features that take advantage of technology. Remember Peterson, Sibley and Kaufman?

The Backyard Wildbird and Nature Store

Available for iPhone and via Google. Available for Apple, Android, Kindle, and computer. It is enhanced way beyond its paper field guide, but still uses drawings, not photos. These apps can use your observations, photos, and audio recordings to help you identify an unknown bird.

Gift Ideas for Backyard Bird Watchers

These apps are technology at its best and give even the least-experienced birder the joy of identifying that bird. Free, and available for Apple, Android, and computer. It can help identify birds by color, shape, location, habitat, song, or any of 34 other attributes. Free, and great for the novice birder. Identifies bird possibilities within species with five easy questions or a photo, based on where you are.

It lets you practice listening to bird sounds. Also from Cornell, all your lists, stats, photos, and sounds are in your pocket. Allows sharing with a citizen science global online database.

For Apple and Android, all for free. Uses location-based lists for simpler bird ID, profiles, list-making, and tracking your lifetime list. A waterproof journal is best. Even experts specialize in regions or bird families. But where do you start? And at what stages of maturity? Overall we had a great walk for this time of year! Check out the complete checklist. Barred Owl.


We will meet at the parking lot off Campground Rd. We had a great bird walk on June 29th at Muddy Creek Greenway. We were able to find both of our target species, Yellow-breasted Chat and Common Yellowthroat! Check out the eBird checklist for the total species list and other photos.

We will be meeting in a different location for this walk, details below! We will meet at the new gravel parking area off of Robinhood Road. This will give us a better chance of seeing Yellow-breasted Chats! We will have our monthly bird walk on Saturday, May 25th at 8 a. This one of the few places to see nesting Yellow-crowned Night-Herons in our area! If you have any questions please call us before 6 p.